Hi, I'm Lindsey aka Urban Fox Photography! and I've been passionate about photography from a very young age when I used to rummage through boxes of my Dad's old cameras pestering him to know how they worked and what they did.

I loved all things arty growing up and I re-ignited my photography passion when I competed as an athlete in West Australia. I started to photograph my fellow athletes and they were really pleased with the images I caught of them in action.

From capturing some of Australia's best athletes in action I then went to study photography and became qualified in Australia, from there I started out as an assistant Wedding photographer with one of West Australia's top Wedding Photographers. On returning to the UK I branched out on my own and formed this little place I call Urban Fox Photography.

I'm now Mum to 2 young boys and I love nothing more than capturing my boys enjoying the great outdoors. My passion is working with natural light wherever possible and using strong composition to strengthen the impact of my images. I love my images to stir emotions in people, to bring back happy memories and to enable people to walk this photography journey with me. I shoot Weddings,portraits, families, lifestyle, events and almost anything and I take pride in every single image I shoot.

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